Personal Lending Team

Our Personal Lending team is committed to working side-by-side with you to find the best financing solution for your needs. Reach out to a member of our team - we're here to help!

Please do not send confidential information within the form. Including social security numbers, account numbers or other personal information. Your lender will respond and work with you to obtain that information. 

Linda Heim 

AVP Branch Manager,
Hubbell Office

Call Linda at 515-262-1630
NMLS# 488216

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Brooke Eichelberger

AVP Branch Manager,
SW 9th Office

Call Brooke at 515-287-3750
NMLS# 2316026

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Lisa Wilson

AVP Branch Manager,
EP True Office

Call Lisa at 515-223-0011
NMLS# 651247

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Don Agee

AVP Branch Manager,
Capital Office

Call Don at 515-246-6369
NMLS# 985262

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Darlene Ackley-Raymond

VP Residential Mortgage Officer, Capital Branch
Call Darlene at 515-246-6321
NMLS# 2421055

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Michelle McCreery

AVP Branch Manager, Hickman Office
Call Michelle at 515-334-7708

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