About Iowa State Bank

On April 16, 1941, Iowa State Bank opened our doors in Des Moines, Iowa. Our first office was located on E 6th and Locust Street in the East Village downtown. It was the dream of local businessman, George O'Dea to offer banking services for "the little man". He started Iowa State Bank with just 5 employees. Today we are home to over 80 employees, with 5 branch locations throughout Des Moines and proud to have remained a locally owned, community bank for over 80 years.

Branch History

East Village
In 1950, Iowa State Bank decided to expand and moved our home office to our current East Village location, 627 East Locust Street. At the time of the move, only the east half of the building existed. In 1959, the west portion of the building was added. It was at this location that we became home to the first ever drive-up window in Des Moines! A car could enter the drive-up lane with their passenger side next to the window. The drawer was not able to reach the car at this time, so we had an employee that would take the transaction from the car to the window. The drive-up window became so popular, the bank built a small building on the other side of the drive for another lane.

Iowa State Bank's first branch office opened it's doors in 1973. Located at 3818 Hubbell Avenue on the Eastside of Des Moines. The building was originally a Polaris dealer and once purchased by the bank, was remodeled before opening. Adding a drive-up window to make banking more convenient for customers.

SW 9th
The office at 6410 SW 9th Street opened in December of 1975. This branch was built to look just like our Hubbell office. It has since been remodeled to have a more updated look with added convenience for our employees and customers.

Iowa State Bank was once located in the Des Moines skywalk. This building was built in the early 1900's and was purchased by the bank in 1987. It was converted into our Trust Department office. It was home for many years to our Trust team until they moved our West to join our Hickman office team.

EP True
Our office on EP True Parkway opened in November of 1994. It was Iowa State Bank's first location out West in Des Moines. Our Mortgage department was once located here as well.

The most recent branch to be built was the Iowa State Bank Hickman office in Urbandale. This location opened in March of 2006. With the bank's growth, the second floor was built to house our Trust Department. The branch has had to undergo many remodeling projects in order to accommodate the expansion.