Access Your Business Account Online at Iowa State Bank

Your business account information is just a click away! Iowa State Bank in Des Moines, Iowa wants to be a valuable partner to your business, and we can help set you up for success when you open a business account online with us. Setting up your business accounts with online banking through our Business Online Banking (BOB) system will give you 24-hour access to your accounts and allow you to easily monitor your information anytime you like. You can also utilize your online banking to reduce your business costs by streamlining and replacing many manual tasks by setting up automatic transactions and more.

Learn more about how it works! Check out our video tutorial.

The Perks of Business Online Banking

With your business account online, there's more benefits than just 24/7 access – see the benefits of our online option:

  • Access deposit and loan balances for your business checking account
  • Check your current and previous bank statements and transaction activity
  • Transfer funds as needed or on a recurring schedule when you set up automatic transactions
  • Make loan payments or advance from your Line of Credit without needing to visit the bank
  • Perform a transaction search to find a miscellaneous or older expense
  • Utilize your online banking to originate ACH transactions*


Iowa State Bank Business Real-Time!

Know what's happening with your money the moment it occurs. Choose from a wide variety of alerts, created to help protect you and your company from fraud and identity theft. They're easy to setup and completely customizable! You get to choose which alerts you want to activate and have them delivered either through text, email or your Online Banking inbox. You can also edit or delete your ISB Business Alerts at any time.

Check out our alerts video tutorial and learn more about alerts and how to set them up!


Added Online Features When You Open a Business Account

Real time funds management – You'll receive live, up-to-the-minute data on your business portfolio. This keeps you informed about how your business is performing and allows you to work more efficiently. This feature of business banking online can also assist in planning out large purchases or future goals when you know exactly how much capital is in your account.

Customized Access Levels – For added convenience and security, Business Online Banking can be programmed for different levels of employee access. This is extremely beneficial if you have an accountant that assists in managing your business expenses, employees that need to submit receipts, or if someone else needs to look up a transaction. Iowa State Bank's business online banking allows the business or account owner to assign each employee's access level, so they will only be allowed to view or submit those financial files if it is necessary for his or her job.

Secure Transactions – At Iowa State Bank in Des Moines it is a priority for us to ensure the highest level of security for our customers' bank accounts. We achieve this by verifying that only authorized persons are allowed access to the business accounts online with Multi Factor Authentication steps in place and providing 128-bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer protection.

No Set-Up Fee – You can take advantage of all the benefits of online banking without worrying about any additional business expenses! There is no cost to set up your Business Online Banking. Plus there are no monthly service charges for using business online banking.

There is some cost involved for ACH transactions. If your business does need to initiate an ACH transaction, some instances of ACH fees could include:

  • $15.00 monthly ACH fee
  • $.10 per ACH item
  • $.25 per Same Day ACH item
  • $10.00 per ACH returned item
  • $10.00 per ACH notification of change

Incorporate QuickBooks® For Your Business Checking Account

When you open your business account with us, our team will typically recommend connecting your account to QuickBooks® for even more financial guidance and availability. QuickBooks® is a financial management tool with unique features designed to support your business. As a Business Banking customer, you can use Direct Connect to automatically integrate your banking transactions into QuickBooks®. We believe this can set your organization up for success by utilizing QuickBooks® for accounting, inventory, payroll, tax filing, expense management, payment processing and much more!

Access these QuickBooks® features to manage your Iowa State Bank accounts:

  • Work directly in QuickBooks® desktop to conduct Online Banking tasks
  • Transfer funds between Iowa State Bank accounts
  • Make online payments, such as checks and bill payments

If you need assistance connecting to your Iowa State Bank accounts in the QuickBooks® tool, contact us today.

Get Started With Business Online Banking With Iowa State Bank in Des Moines

We want to be a valuable resource to helping your business grow! Take the next step to successfully managing your business by staying connected and making processes easier when you open a business account with us. Reach out to Iowa State Bank in Des Moines, Iowa if you have questions about Business Online Banking or if you need assistance getting started.

*ACH subject to qualification, additional fee