Debit Card Services Available with Iowa State Bank

Instant Issue Visa Debit Card

We want to make your banking as easy and secure as possible. Iowa State Bank's instant issue debit cards allow you to make purchases that are deducted from your account in real time. Use your card at any location that accepts Visa Debit Cards.

You’ll get access to a worldwide network of ATMs where you can withdraw cash, receive your balance or transfer funds. Utilize an Iowa State Bank or Privileged Status network ATM and receive surcharge-free cash withdrawals.

Please note the debit cards currently cannot be used in Azerbaijan, St. Kitts—Nevis, Bulgaria, or Brazil.

Contactless Cards

With contactless payments, your card never needs to leave your hand. Including a unique encryption, per transaction, it will continue to protect the card data from risk of loss from counterfeit. These cards will be distributed to Iowa State Bank customers as their current cards expire.

Benefits to cardholders:

  • Speed. Contactless cards can be tapped quickly on the POS terminal, making transactions fast and convenient at checkout.
  • Security. The transactions are still EMV ( Europay, MasterCard® and Visa®), keeping them secure. Plus, the card never needs to leave a cardholder's hand.
  • Choice. Contactless cards offer a payment choice that aligns with, yet simplifies, existing card payments by simply waving or tapping the card on the terminal

Just tap, dip or swipe - it takes only a few seconds for you to complete a transaction and be on your way!

Mobile Wallet – More ways to pay!

Your Iowa State Bank debit card can be added to Apply Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. A mobile wallet is a way to carry your card information on your mobile device and allows you to pay in stores, in apps and online. It’s a quick, no-touch way to safely pay at participating businesses.

Set up your mobile wallet today:

  • Download the mobile wallet app that is best for your device
  • Add your Iowa State Bank Debit Card to the mobile wallet app
  • Enjoy a more secure payment option with 24/7 fraud monitoring combined with a unique digital card number  


Brella – Protect your money.

Brella is a fraud-alerting app that allows you to block and unblock your debit card with the easy tap of a button, protecting you from fraud.

How it works

When your debit card is lost or stolen, you can immediately block your account within the Brella app. If you misplace your card or leave it behind at a restaurant or store, you can pause your account until the card is safely recovered. This provides you with a temporary option, rather than having to cancel your card.

Brella also allows you to check balances, locate Shazam ATMs and get fraud alerts on:

  • Purchases exceeding your defined amounts
  • Phone or internet purchases
  • Suspicious or high-risk transactions

Sign up or log in to your Brella account here.

Have more questions? A member of our team can answer them! Contact us at Iowa State Bank today for more details.


Traveling with your card?

Please contact us to let us know the dates you will be traveling to ensure there are no interruptions to your service.

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Lost or Stolen Card?

If you experience trouble with your card or you suspect fraud, please call Shazam 24/7 at 1-866-508-2693.

To report your card lost or stolen, please call 1-800-383-8000.