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Straightforward and objective investment advice can save you time while making the most of your money. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced investor, we are here to help you create the best financial plan for you.

We'll help you figure out the solution that helps you pay yourself first, live within your means and assure your family's stability. ISB Investment Services available through Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC* will work with you to navigate through the decision-making process and help you determine what you need. It's our goal to get to know you and never stop learning, things will change in your life and we'll be there to adjust for your future.


 Retirement Planning

Save a little today, so you can enjoy more tomorrow. Retirement is a journey that doesn't just begin at 65 or a few years before. We can meet with you to uncover your needs and long-term goals, then build a financial plan. We'll help you determine:

  • Which investment strategy is best for you
  • Various asset allocation models and investment vehicles used to plan for a comfortable retirement
  • Your risk tolerance and time horizon
  • The ups-and-downs of the market and how they may affect your long and short-term goals

Creating income for the next chapter of your life is another important piece of retirement to consider. There are several possible solutions available for looking to increase your income during retirement and we can help!

  • Design a retirement plan
  • Uncover your basic expenses and discretionary expenses
  • Evaluate current sources of retirement income
  • Position assets to generate income
  • Uncover new sources of income

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 Life Insurance

Has your insurance kept up with the changes in your life? It only takes a few minutes to identify if you and those you love have enough coverage. We can help insure your family is protected. We'll work through your family needs and your personal needs to determine the appropriate coverage. Check out the life insurance calculator to get a better idea of how much insurance you'll need.

Life Insurance Calculator

 Rollovers & Consolidating Accounts

Manage your retirement savings by consolidating your accounts to one place. If you have IRAs, 401 (k)s or pension plans at multiple firms, you may want to consider consolidating your accounts. ** This can help you save money on annual fees and create opportunities to allocate, diversify and rebalance in one portfolio.

401K Calculator

 Financial Planning

We understand that not everyone has the same goals. This is why we implement a custom and individualized approach to creating a financial plan that will help make your goals a reality.

We can offer you a complimentary, no obligation financial review utilizing financial planning software, available through SPF*. We'll use this time to identify your goals and what resources will help achieve them. We'll determine the right balance of investment risk and return that is appropriate for you at the time and create a personal plan outlining the services needed to help you achieve your goals. If you're interested in learning more, you can schedule an appointment with us today!

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 Estate Planning

Build a legacy that can last for future generations. Estate planning can be a crucial part of your financial plan. Once you have planned retirement and are invested, you can begin to focus on how your assets will be managed after your death.

We will sit down with you to create the best plan so you feel confident your assets are distributed they way you prefer. No matter the size of your estate, we'll consider your assets and their approximate value, what will happen to them once you pass and whether or not you have a trust.

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 Saving for College

Whether they want to grow up to be a farmer or a firefighter, you want to support them and their dreams as best you can. An education creates an impact that can last generations. This journey begins with saving.

We'll work with you to determine what plan is best for your family:

  • 529 Plans***
  • Coverdell Education Savings Accounts
  • UGMA & UTMA Custodial Accounts for Minors

College Savings Plans


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Working with Our Team

Begin planning for your future today. Our team is available by appointment to meet and discuss your individual goals. Reach out to one of our Investment Professionals to learn more!

Please do not send confidential information within the message link (i.e. social security numbers, account numbers or other personal information). Your advisor will respond and work with you to obtain that information. 

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