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Estate Administration Services

Settling an estate can be a complex and time-consuming matter. Administration and distribution of an estate by a corporate executor offers timely collection, valuation and distribution of assets, monitoring taxes and other expenses, along with asset management.

The responsibility of "settling an estate" is not an honor to be given to a faithful friend or a trusted relative - unless they possess the necessary knowledge, skill, time and temperament to handle the demanding and often complex requirements. Settling an estate or winding up a revocable living trust at the death of the creator, involves a number of steps. Our experienced staff at Iowa State Bank can help you. Whether acting as executor of an estate or successor trustee of a living trust, we have the knowledge of tax law, business arrangements, property law, and investment management that are critical to the proper and timely settling of an estate. We will provide the knowledge necessary along with unbiased objectivity, yet sympathetic understanding of the needs of your family to get the job done.