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Our savings accounts give you the flexibility to grow your business and while still having complete access to your funds. Iowa State Bank will be here to develop your banking relationship as your business grows and changes.

Passbook Savings Invest @ Home Money Market Savings Cash Management Account
Not FDIC Insured
Amount to Open $100


Automatically sweeps funds with a collected balance over the targeted balance from a commercial checking to the Cash Management Account
Minimum required balance $100 Daily $1,000 Daily No Minimum Balance Required


Service Charge

  • $5.00 service charge if below balance requirement
  • 6 free debits per month, $2.00 service charge for each debit over withdrawal limit
  • $10.00 service charge if below balance requirement
  • More than 6 debits subject to $10.00 service charge per debit over 6
No Monthly Service Charges
Interest Compounded and paid to the account April 30th and October 31st Variable interest rates move with market condition, compounded and paid to account monthly Compounded and paid to the account monthly

Prohibits automatic/electronic transactions. Quarterly statement provided.

Limited to six withdrawals per month.

Monthly statement provided.

Requires business checking account with Iowa State Bank.

Limited to commercial accounts only.

Monthly statement provided.