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Business Online Banking

Manage Your Business on Your Schedule
Business Online Banking, or BOB as we like to call it, can reduce your business costs by streamlining and replacing many manual tasks. You'll have 24-hour access to your accounts anytime, anywhere.

With BOB you can:

  • Access deposit and loan account balances
  • Check your current and previous bank statements of transaction activity
  • Transfer funds as needed or on a set schedule
  • Make loan payments or advance from your Line of Credit
  • Perform a transaction search
  • Originate ACH transactions*

Added Benefits

Real time funds management – You'll receive live, up-to-the-minute data on your business portfolio to allow you to work more efficiently.

Customized Access Levels – For added convenience and security, BOB can be programmed for different levels of employee access. This allows you to give each employee access only to those financial files necessary for his or her job.

Secure Transactions – We achieve the highest level of security by verifying that only authorized persons are allowed access with Multi Factor Authentication and providing 128-bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer protection.

No Set-Up Fee – There is no cost to set up your BOB account. Plus there are no monthly service charges for using BOB.

The only cost involved applies to ACH transactions. If you elect not to use the ACH feature, your BOB account is completely free.

  • $10.00 monthly ACH fee
  • $.08 per ACH item
  • $5.00 per ACH returned item
  • $5.00 per ACH notification of change


QuickBooks® is a financial management tool with unique features designed to support your business. As a Business Online Banking customer, you can use Direct Connect to automatically integrate your banking transactions into QuickBooks®. Set your organization up for success and utilize QuickBooks® for accounting, inventory, payroll, tax filing, expense management, payment processing and much more!

Access these QuickBooks® features to manage your Iowa State Bank accounts:

  • Work directly in QuickBooks® desktop to conduct Online Banking tasks
  • Transfer funds between Iowa State Bank accounts
  • Make online payments, such as checks and bill payments

If you need assistance connecting to your Iowa State Bank accounts, contact us today.

If you are currently utilizing QuickBooks®, the process has been upgraded to better support you! Please select below the instructions for either Apple or Windows to upgrade your login. If you use a token to access your Business online Banking account and wish to utilize QuickBooks®, contact us to receive a unique login to your Iowa State Bank account.

Let us know if you have any questions or need help with this transition.


For Questions Concerning Business Online Banking, Please Contact:

Josh Craighead

Business Online Banking Specialist


*ACH Subject To Qualification, Additional Fee