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Zelle® is a great way to send money to friends and family, even if they bank somewhere different than you do.1 That means it’s super easy to pitch in or get paid back for all sorts of things like coffee for your coworkers or dinner with friends.

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Make Giving Easy With Gift Cards

May 9, 2024

So what’s fast, easy and can keep you from panicking every time a holiday or special occasion pops up?

Gift cards save you hours of agony trying to find a gift someone MIGHT want, and they can keep you from busting your budget.

Surveys show that many people actually prefer receiving gift cards.

So what makes them so popular?

They’re fast. Instead of wandering through aisles of merchandise, buying a gift card is as simple as picking up a piece of plastic and getting in the checkout line, or signing onto a website.

They’re flexible. Based on your budget, you can decide how much money you want to put on the card.

They can even come with discounts. Depending on the time of year or the seller, you might find a bargain on gift cards - things like a $25 card for $20 - or even a bonus card. Now that’s worth shopping for!

Purchasing the cards. Most merchants don’t charge fees if you buy a card directly from them, but general-purpose cards or cards purchased through resellers can come with small purchase fees.

And be sure to save the receipt. Some businesses will replace a lost card if you have the receipt or the card number.

With gift cards, it’s time to make shopping easy! Stop by any of our 5 convenient locations and speak with a banker about getting gift cards through Iowa State Bank.