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Investment Management

Iowa State Bank’s Trust department manages money for business and individual customers.  We work with each of our customers to establish a portfolio of investments designed to meet their individual goals and objectives.  We view investment management as striving to meet goals – your goals, not ours.  We believe this approach allows us to provide our customers with high quality, competitive and consistent results.

Our equity and stock philosophy centers on long-term growth through quality investments.  Our investment style is large company oriented with each account holding shares of individual corporations that have been identified as having qualities that provide opportunities for long-term growth.  We do not emphasize “value” or “growth” but rather look to all industry segments for those companies that we feel have the potential to provide superior returns when compared to their peers.  We combine these companies into a portfolio of stocks to meet your specific objectives.

Fixed income investments provide stability for those accounts desiring predictable returns and higher income flows than available through equity investments.  Our investment approach places an emphasis on reduced volatility and consistency of investment return through the purchase of individual bonds and notes.  Regardless of the type of investment used, it must pass our internal requirements as we minimize the “credit” risk.  A “laddered” portfolio of bonds and notes with maturities meeting investment objectives is designed for each account.

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