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Frequently Asked Questions

What Will Iowa State Bank's Trust Department Do For Me?

  • Work with you and your legal advisor in defining your objectives as you prepare your Will and/or Trust
  • Invest your assets, according to your predetermined goals and objectives
  • Receive and disperse funds; provide you with a complete report of all income expenses transactions; and year end tax information

What Should I Look For When Choosing A Trustee Or Executor?

  • Training and experience in the administration of trusts and estates
  • Availability to you and your family
  • Financial responsibility
  • Unbiased objectivity in meeting your goals and objectives

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing Iowa State Bank Versus A Family Friend Or Relative As Executor Or Trustee?

  • Trust Department officers averaging over 20 years of trust and banking experience; handling your estate and trusts is our full-time business; expertise in all areas of trust and investments
  • Avoids or lessens the conflicts that may arise between beneficiaries
  • Procedures and reports must meet the standards established by State and Federal Bank Examiners

How Would Iowa State Bank Invest My Money?

  • According to your goals and objectives
  • In individual stocks and bonds meeting our quality standards

Why Estate Planning?

  • Ensures that your wishes are carried out and gives you peace of mind knowing that you have done all you can to provide for your family
  • Protect your beneficiaries against unnecessary taxes and expenses
  • Designate a guardian to care for your minor children
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