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FounderAs Des Moines emerged from the Great Depression, east side businessman, George O’Dea saw there was a need for a different kind of bank:  one that was locally-owned, community-minded and responsive to the needs of working people. 

So George O'Dea went to work and on April 16, 1941, with five employees and one office, Iowa State Bank opened it's doors.

As a local financial institution, it was the mission of Iowa State Bank to offer the people of Des Moines improved savings opportunities, fair loan services and a strong, stable place for their deposits.

It was just what customers were looking for, and Iowa State Bank thrived.  We were the first bank in Des Moines to install a drive up window service and to issue certificates of deposit.  The bank encouraged saving with advertising “Having Begins with Saving” and today Iowa State Bank is among the few banks that continue to offer the Passbook Savings account.

The original location of the bank was on the northeast corner of East 6th & Locust.  In 1950 the bank constructed a new building on the corner of East 7th & Locust and in 1959, an addition was added which doubled the size of the building.  Today we continue to grow with another building addition to the Capital Office that was completed in April, 2000.

Today there are five branch locations:

  • The East office located at 3818 Hubbell Avenue opened in 1973
  • The South office located at 6410 SW 9th Street opened in 1975
  • The West office located at 3601 EP True Parkway in West Des Moines opened in 1994
  • Our newest branch located at 2301 128th Street in Urbandale opened in 2006

Iowa State Bank has experienced tremendous growth over the years: from one small office to five, and from 5 to 75 employees.

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